Zombie Lunchpocalypse: An Iron Sheep 2012 Entry

Monday, March 12, 2012
Thanks to Matthew Zook and the folks at Floating Sheep for organizing the Iron Sheep 2012 open data hack in NYC. While some of the teams were tempted to go with a serious analysis of social/spatial issues, most of us couldn't resist running with the frequency of Twitter and Google uses of words like "zombies" and "aliens". Our entry to the competition:

"The humans are gone. Long past is the zombie apocalypse. No human brains remain for feasting. So what is a hungry zombie to do but seek out sheep brains, according to the dietary preferences they might have once held as a living hipster in Williamsburg? Lunchtime finds discerning zombies wandering the five boroughs in search of organic sheep brains . . . 

The Lunchpocalypse tool is meant to aid the enterprising zombie restaurateur in locating and exploiting key demographic clusters of organic-preferring zombie consumers. Simply plug in a NYC address, and you'll be able to see what the local preference is, leveraging a geodemographic segmentation analysis of the frequency of internet searches of the words "zombie" and "organic". Maximize your zombie profit and shuffle along with your organic herd to where the customers are! Because the dead are damn hungry!"
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