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Monday, January 9, 2012
Just had a great chat with the folks at Kelliher Samets Volk about the broad range of applications for crowdsourced mapping. My experience so far has been in the context of disaster response, but there's nothing like a good conversation to open up my brain to broader possibilities. 

The talk inspired some good linkbait, so here are some sites that have mattered to me as I navigated the waters of new technology after TS Irene (flooding pun regrettably intended).

Sites I actively manage:

- VTIrene Crowdmap
- VTIrene High Water Assessment
- Twitter activity during the storm

Ushahidi-related sites:

- Oveview (video)
- Deployment examples
- Roll your own crowdmap

SM Data interpretation - potential partners and tools:

- metaLayer Inc.
- SwiftRiver (to be released at the end of January)

And lastly a great read from Matthew Ericson on when data is really geographic and when it

As a whackjob storm system rolls through Texas, it's nice to know that these tools are being put to use as I write:

Keep it up, people!

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